Challenges arrive by a tube aa JCE

After the candidates deposit their candidacies, there are reports of people who feel excluded from the ballots of their organizations, which adds to previously presented amparo appeals, some of which have prospered.

Until yesterday afternoon, the Central Electoral Board (JCE) had received 40 challenges from applicants from the different political organizations throughout the country that they claim were excluded from the ballot. READ MORE

Researchers have discovered a special protein in bananas that could help women prevent HIV infection during sex. This is expected to open the door to new and cheaper treatments to prevent the spread of AIDS.

A type of protein naturally present in plant chemicals, due to its ability to stop the chain reaction that leads to a variety of infections, is found in bananas. So women to eat mangú

Sans Souci project will boost tourism investment in the DR

With the completion of the tourist port and the inauguration of the Juan Barón square, the group Inversiones Turísticas Sans Soucí (ITSS) has completed the port phase of the largest urban development project that rises in the National District and in the Santo Domingo East municipality , at a cost of US $ 250 million , and started the real estate stage.

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